Pillows and Scarves for Cancer Victims

This fall our residents worked hard to bless those suffering from cancer. Nine residents here at Derby Assisted Living used their time and talents to create these beautiful gifts.

Some sewed, some stuffed pillows, and all felt lucky to be able to provide these special presents for the American Cancer Society.

The scarves were given to women who had lost their hair due to cancer. And the pillows were given to women after mastectomy surgery.

With help from Laura Bennett, a certified medical aid at Derby Assisted Living, these women, and likely more residents, will continue their work on these thoughtful gifts.

Jennifer Kelly, American Cancer Society Community Manager of Development, was quoted in The Derby Informer saying, ”we are always looking for pillows.” This local newspaper picked up the story of these nine generous ladies.

This type of activity, and more, is what makes Derby Assisted Living a place to call home.